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ADG2128 I2C Naking on correct address

I have an ADG2128BCPZ-REEL7 on my board. Address lines A0-A2 are tied to ground making I2C address 1110000 + r/w bit. Analog supply is +/-5V. Logic supply is 5V. Microcontroller signal levels are 3.3V. I2C signals to the ADG2128 are being level shifted to the correct levels using a NXP PCA9617ADPJ IC. The ADG2128 keeps NAKing the correct address request as confirmed on the oscilloscope. I'm not sure how to proceed further as I2C is operational and communicating with other ICs on the board correctly. I have tried both 100KHz and 400KHz operation with no success. Thank you.

Oscillscope I2C CaptureADG2128 Circuit

Added oscilloscope and circuit images.
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