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Temperature and humidity of ADG704

Hi team,

I use ADG704 to switch low voltage, the voltage  on the channel is 0~3.3V, the power supply is 3.3V,The operating temperature -10~70°C, I put the PCBA into the chamber and test it, occasionally abnormal phenomenon with increasing temperature , the description as follow.
1. ADG704 seems to have large leakage current, the output voltage becomes smaller as the temperature increasing .

2. As the temperature increasing , there are some crosstalk on the channel1/2/3/4

When the temperature increase to 65°C  and waiting for ten minutes, the failure is disappear.

Is this failure related to the operating temperature and humidity of the ADG704? I don't see any requirement of humidity on the datasheet, could you help to

confirm the requirement of  humidity  on ADG704.

Thank you.


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