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ADG5404F switch noise

I'm using the ADG5404F. When I switch the addree A1 and A0, A 5V pulse of approximately 400ns long appears at the D port. This has a serious impact on my system. Is there any solution to remove it? The VDD is 8V. The VSS is -8V. There is 32 adg5404F In my design. The toggle of address line is slow.

  • Hi,

    This sounds like it could be caused by charge coupling or charge injection.

    See MT-088 for explanation of these effects.

    Have you looked at the ADG52xxF family. depending on your application you may be able to use an ADG5209F (this is a Dual 4:1 Mux). these devices have lower capacitance and charge injection which could help with your issue. Can I ask what the drain pin is connected to? 

    Do you have any scope plots that you could share with me?



  • The drain is connect to a pull-down resistor. When I connect a 1nF capacitor In parallel with the resistor, the pulse disappears. However, The bandwidth of ADG5404F significantly reduces. The figure below shows the measured switch noise. 

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