power handling of reflective switch - ADRF5024 ?



I have a question on the power handling of reflective switches, such as ADRF5024


I would need it for an application where an high reflection coefficient (ideally, 0dB for S11) is required in the "off" state. We would need to send quite high power, around 50dBm (actually, 60dBm pulses with 10% duty cycle), which is quite above the maximum value specified for hot switching (27 dBm)...

Alternatively, do you know if there is a way around in order to get high reflection coefficient for high power ? The switch/system has to operate efficiently in the reflecting state, while being able to be switched to another state in which the power is either transmitted or absorbed (or a combination of both) but not reflected. This would allow to protect a detection system in an experiment using microwave.

Thanks for your help,