ADG1208 Multiplexer 8:1, Supply Voltage and Current - Isuue with SPICE


I am ingesting about ADG1208 Multiplexer. The circuit has designed works with supply voltage +-5v, so I want to apply this multiplexer supply voltage +-5v. However, in the spice file, which I have downloaded from our website, have tried to use this supply voltage and I had some issues.  The problem was ADG1208 consume enough current. The solution was to use supply voltage up +-6V. Can you tell me please this is a problem about the simulation or if I apply +-5 supply voltage in the circuit will work fine in real life?

Also, I want to ask if it is possible Vdd supply with 12v and Vss supply with -5v so manage to fix this problem. However, without affecting the values of signal S1-S8, D.

My input signals have ranged from +-4V.


Andreas Karkotis

  • Hi,

    The current SPICE model for this device will only model the behavior of the device at VDD = +15 V and VSS = -15 V. However the model should still run with Vdd & Vss of +/-5 V. This is explained in the header of the model. 

    Can you explain in more detail the issue you are having at +/-5 V supply with the model?

    I can confirm that the device will operate with supply of +/-5 V in real life. We do not fully specify the device at this supply range but Figure 10 of the datasheet shows the typical performance curve for the On resistance of the  device with +/-5 V supplies.

    We have a range of devices that are fully specified at this supply range. You could take a look at the ADG1608. Table 1 in the datasheet shows a full set of performance specifications for this device at +/-5 V supply.

    If you wish to send me more details of your application I could review it recommend a device for you.