Input Leakage Current for ADG5207 in powered off state


I'm using the ADG5207 8 port differential multiplexer with 0-5Vdc input signals (steady state DC  signals at very low current draw through the multiplexer).  The differential outputs from the multiplexer are conditioned and routed to a high resolution analog to digital converter (sigma delta type).  This ADG5207 chip has a pretty low input leakage on its own in the powered condition (around 200 pA).  What happens when I have the 5Vdc input circuits connected to the multiplexer inputs of the chip when it is in an un-powered state (Vdd=Vss=0V)?  The data sheet does not seem to characterize the leakage in this non-operating condition.  I'm worried about inadvertently discharging or otherwise disturbing my inputs which are sensitive dc level signals that are always on (routed from another unit).