the power reflections from the RFC pin of ADRF5160 during switching


This technical query is regarding the product ADRF5160-EVALZ-ND (evaluation board for RF switch ADRF5160).

We Intend to use the switch as described below.

1) an input signal (generated from a signal generator in our case) is applied at the RFC terminal.

2) Two subsystems are connected at terminals RF1 and RF2.

My question is that during switching from RF1 to RF2 or from RF2 to RF1, will there be any power reflected back from RFC? If so, what is the magnitude of the relection? I could not find this information in the datasheet. The datasheet provide the reflection coefficient (can be estimated based on return loss in Figure 7) but only under when RFC is connected to RF1 or when RFC connected to RF2. I need the power reflection during switching. 

Many thanks.