ADG5208F can be used as Demux too?

Hi All,

I have an requirement  to select a part for 2 applications in my design for 8:1 Mux & 1:8 Demux.

ADG5208F is simple and easy.

My Supply would be VDD-12V VSS-0V, Input Analog range 0-10V.

Do you see any problems in it?

If understand it right,  the fault protection isolates input & Output from figure 49 with Vt hysteresis. The isolator switch is when closed i feel would also detect when used as Demux D as input & S as output.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 28, 2018 4:26 PM


    Apologies for the delayed response to this.

    Yes you are correct the ADG5208F is a bidirectional device so can be used as both a mux and a de mux. However the fault protection and detection features are only on the source side. See max ratings for the Drain in table 6. The drain node must be kept to within 0.7 V of the supply.