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ADG4612 Failure mechanism

I am interested to know what happens when an ADG4612 fails. Does it fail short, open, shorts to ground, etc..?

I would like to connect the drains of two switches (two different packages) to the same net and only power one devices at a time. The power off protection will protect the upstream circuit that is off. I need to know if one switch fails how will it effect the ability for the other circuit to operate properly.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interest in our ADG4612 device. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the failure mode of the device as there are too many variables to account for.

    I'm interested to know you you think one device may fail? Is it just built in redundancy? Or are you concerned that you will be subjecting the device to voltages beyond the absolute maximum ratings? if so you could take a look at our newer robust overvoltage protection devices like the ADG5412F.



  • David, thanks for the response.

    That is correct, it is just built in redundancy. I am curious to know if a device, that is not powered on, is subjected to a voltage (within maximum ratings) for a long period of time would incur some sort of wear out. For example, maybe see an increase in leakage current over time, etc..?