Question about ADG526A

Dear ADI Technical supports,

Hello? Engineer of Aeromaster Corporation.

Our company is developing electronic equipment for avionics in South Korea.

We have one technical question for your electrical parts as follows.

During the development of the avionics equipment, we can see the following text in the military data sheet for ADG526A (5962-89710013A).
(The "X" designation is used in specifications where A, B, and C lead terminations are allowed for compatibility, incompatibility.)

Because of this text in military datasheet, our Buyer said they are only approve 5962-89710013A.

So we want to buy 5962-89710013A, but we can't purchase 5962-89710013A at your Distributor. (only 5962-89710013X can buy)

So we will inquire you as follows.

1. When we purchasing ADG526A (5962-89710013X), can we choose 'Lead finishes' for "A"?

2. When we purchasing ADG526A (5962-89710013X), can you provide "Certificate of Compliance (COC)" for "5962-89710013A"?

We are looking forward to your reply as soon as possible.