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Pyadi-iio TX error wiht Quad MxFE: Not enought data provided for channel mapping

Category: Software
Product Number: Quad MxFE
Software Version: Latest


I am trying to write a Python script to transmit some sample vectors on the Quad MxFE board. All of the existing example scripts uses DDS as signal source, and I am trying to use DMA.

I modified the existing example code and got error as shown below. My intention is to enable only one tx channel and I am passing one dimeional array to the tx() funciton.

I've tried various trial and error combinations without luck, so your advice would be highly appreciated.


  • Some more details. I am using the "run.vcu118_quad_ad9081_204c_txmode_11_rxmode_4.tcl" shown below.

    I made a little modification based on the example script as attached below - Only TX is enabled, and one or all channels can be enabled.

    If I enable all channels, it got "No error' exception message,

    And I got 'Not enought data provided for channel mapping' if I try to enable only one channel.

    Your help would be very appreciated.

  • The error is correct. The way you are interpreting tx_enabled_channels I believe is incorrect. tx_enabled_channels is a list of channels to enable, which is alittle different than MATLAB. With your current settings tx_enabled_channels = [1,0 ,0,0] which will enable channels 1 and 0. 

    You probably just want to set  it as:

    tx_enabled_channels  =  [0]