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GTK-Message after installing IIO-Oscilloscope on Ubuntu

Category: Software
Product Number: FMCOMMS4
Software Version: 2021_R2

Hi everyone,

After installing IIO-Oscilloscope on Ubuntu following this link:

I can launch the application with ./osc in build folder

But I see the error which from the GTK module:

Gtk-Message: 10:19:52.992: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

I used:
LIBIIO version 2021_R2

libad9361-iio 2021_R2

IIO-Oscilloscope  2021_R2
My OS is Ubuntu 2020.LTS

Is there any problem with the GTK module? Did I need to install the new vesion of GTK (GTK3) instead of GTK 2?

Thank you