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DS3900 USB Interface

Category: Software
Product Number: DS3900P2EVKIT


customer want to use the DS3900 USB-to-I²C Adapter (DS3900P2EVKIT) to evaluate an AD5593 (via I²C interface)

The DS3900P is supported by a view test application (legacy Maxim) however not directly for the mentioned IC.

Is there any documentation/tool available, which can be used to run the EVKIT independent from special SW tool? Meaning giving the customer a chance, simply to communicate vie the KIT by sending START;STOP;DATA etc to the interface?


  • Hi TReinhardt,

    I looked around and can't find any information on that board aside from the user guide. It is likely a legacy board that was used for a few products, but not extensively. Even the MAX34451EVKIT shown in the DS3900 user guide has its own onboard USB interface, and close inspection of the the MAX34451EVKIT manual shows that the onboard microcontroller is labeled "PICfor DS3900", the same as for the DS3900 board itself.

    If the customer wants to communicate with the part using basic I2C operations, they are much better off using a well-documented tool such as the TotalPhase Aardvark. There are other options as well, it's really up to the customer. ADI typically does not provide general-purpose tools like this. We do provide device drivers with examples that run on standard platforms like Raspberry Pi and our own microcontroller boards.

    The user guide for the EVAL-AD5593R-PMDZ board shows how to load a bare-metal example program onto the ADICUP3029 board, and the Linux driver on a Raspberry Pi:

    Hope this helps.