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IIO Oscilloscope for Windows

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I'm trying to test ADI AD9695 with Xilinx VC707 with IIO Oscilloscope on a Windows 10 PC using the installer from here (adi-osc-setup.exe):

The description explains how to build in Linux but does not mention Microsoft Windows:

I also notice someone asked this question before, but I still don't know how to do, can I use Cygwin to do that?

 IIO Oscilloscope make for Microsoft Windows 

Now I connected the devices with my PC and launched IIO OSC, there's no any device detected.

Please give me some instructions, thanks a lot!

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  • Hi,

    The vc707 is running some OS (no-OS or Linux), which one are you using?
    If you are booting Linux on the vc707, the only available option the capture data on the PC from the vc707 is via ethernet.
    Connect both your PC and FPGA to the same router. Find out the vc707's IP address. as I described above and use the manual tab to enter the IP address.
    For no-OS data can only be transferred via UART in IIO-Osc and the board will be detected as a serial device, if you build the no-OS correctly as in the link above.


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