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Transceiver Toolbox Version vs. MATLAB Version

Category: Software


does a release of the Transceiver Toolbox really work with the specified MATLAB Version only (or is it just untested)? Background: I would like to use some Simulink blocks introduced in 22a but latest release of Transceiver Toolbox is specified for 21b.

Do you already know when the next version of the Transceiver Toolbox will be released?

BR, Dirk

  • v21.2.1 should work fine with R2022a. Some of the team uses R2022a internally.

    We do rely on bindings from MathWorks which can change from release to release. This was an issue for R2020b, R2021a, and R2021b but internally things have not changed inside MATLAB.

    But yes, we only claim support for what we test. We do not have an ETA on an official release for R2022a yet.