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Problems with IIO Device Sink

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9002
Software Version: kuiper 2021_r1


I'm running ADRV9002 EVB with ZCU102. I am connecting to this setup through my Ubuntu PC, which is running the latest libiio and latest iio-oscilloscope.

The ADRV9002 EVB is rev. C0.

The ZCU102 is running Kuiper 2021_r1 SD Card with the latest boot files that are provided on the ADI website.

My questions are regarding connecting to this setup from GNURadio.

The Rx path seems to work fine. I'm using IIO Device Source successfully.

I'm having trouble using IIO Device Sink. I'm getting the following:

device_sink :warning: Unable to push buffer: Connection timed out (110)

no transmission comes out of the board.

I should note that I am able to transmit a CW using the iio-osciloscope (in the FPGA settings tab).

Here is a screenshot of my block properties:

UPDATE: Seems that with axi-adrv9002-tx2-lpc everything works fine. It's just with the axi-adrv9002-tx-lpc the problem exists.

Please provide assistance.

Thanks and BR,


UPDATE: Seems that with axi-adrv9002-tx2-lpc everything works fine. It's just with the axi-adrv9002-tx-lpc the problem exists. ADRV9002
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  • Hi Alex,

    I was able to replicate the issue in gnuradio, but also from the command line:

    $ cat /dev/urandom | iio_writedev -u ip:analog.local axi-adrv9002-tx2-lpc voltage0 voltage1

    $ cat /dev/urandom | iio_writedev -u ip:analog.local axi-adrv9002-tx-lpc voltage0 voltage1
    Unable to push buffer: Connection timed out (110)

    I'm also a bit puzzled why things seem to work in OSC.

    We dig into this and get back.