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ADI Kuiper Linux in Zedboard cannot use the keyboard and mouse on USB OTG

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-AD4630-24FCZ ADI Kuiper Linux 2021-07-28


I've just received the EVAL-AD4630-24FCZ  with the Zedboard platform and the ADI Kuiper Linux 2021-07-28. Linuz seems to run fine, I can log via ssh or teraterm and can also see the HDMI output. However, I cannot conect any mouse or keyboard to the USB OTG even thoug I am using the provided cable. The usb seems to do fine when connecting to use the ACE software however it does not seem to work when using it for peripherials such as mouse and keyboard. Thus I cannot use the graphical enviroment of the ADI Kuiper Linux. Any help with this?