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FMCOMMS4+ZED Devicetree issue

I am trying to use the meta-adi 2019_R1 with fmcomms4.

The rootfs I am currently using is the ADI image. Although I have tried an ubuntu based rootfs and the PYNQ image. All three images have issues when I try to load the pyadi-iio.

It is similar to this post

 pyadi-iio, on zedboard+fmcomms4 eval 

How do I ensure my petalinux is using the correct FMCOMMS4 device tree? I know this isn't strictly supported by meta-adi, but I have tried changing the existing fmcomms2-3 device tree in the meta-adi directory, but no luck.

I also tried to copy the fmcomms4 into the meta-user

Changing the bbappends in the petalinux as such

Also was unsure if I could use the KERNEL_DTP = "zynq-zed-ad7511-fmocmms4"

Any help would be appreciated.