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Transeiver Toolbox v21.1.1 MATLAB R2021a Compatibility

On the GitHub page for the transceiver toolbox it says that the current version (v21.1.1) is 'Upgraded to support R2021a...' then directly underneath that says that the supported tool version is R2020b. Also on the main page of the repo the MATLAB release is listed as R2021a. However when I install the toolbox and try to create a adi.AD9361.Tx object in R2021a I get an error:

Error using adi.AD9361.Tx
Method 'releaseChanBuffers' in class 'adi.common.RxTx' uses different access permissions than its superclass 'matlabshared.libiio.base'. Set 'releaseChanBuffers' access list to match superclass access list.

Error in ADIRFSOM_DMA_Example (line 11)
tx = adi.AD9361.Tx('uri','ip:analog');

I have got this error before on an older version of the toolbox that only supported R2020b. Could I please have some clarification on which version of MATLAB the toolbox currently supports.