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Testing ZC706 with ADRV9371-W/PCBZ

I have been trying to run some of the Transceiver Toolbox tests in my current setup without success.

I tried a few different MATLAB and Transceiver Toolbox versions but haven't seen any difference.

My latest attempt has been to run "AD9371_DDS_Example" with the line

tx = adi.AD9371.Tx('uri','ip:analog'); 

changed to use the ZC706 IP address.

tx = adi.AD9371.Tx('uri','ip:');

This is the error message received:

Error using matlabshared.libiio.base/cstatusid
Failed to find device: axi-ad9371-tx-hpc.

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/getDev

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/setupImpl

Error in adi.common.RxTx/setupImpl (line 117)

Error in adi.common.Tx/setupImpl (line 23)

Error in AD9371_DDS_Example (line 18)

I followed the setup for the Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio, selecting ZC706 and FMCOMMS2/3/4, flashed an SD card and set the proper jumpers.

The image shows an FMC card connected to the LPC slot but I think the ADRV9371 has to connect only to the HPC slot.

The first three tests under the "Verify Radio Connection" step pass, but fails at "Test data path between host and RF card"

with the message "Error receiving data from the RF card"

From the MATLAB terminal I can see it was trying to contact an AD9361 (Warning: Failed to find device: cf-ad9361-lpc.) which doesn't match the card in my setup.

I am able to verify the ZC706's IP address through its terminal and the ZC706 also responds properly to pings from my Host.

IIO Oscilloscope opens and sees the ZC706, but I do not see the ADRV9371 in its list of IIO Devices. 


Versions Used -

MATLAB Version : R2021a

Transceiver Toolbox Version: 21.1.1

Communications Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio Version: 21.1.4

It feels like I'm missing a basic step here. Is there something else I can try?


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