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ADRV9371 + zc706 + MATLAB


I have an ADRV9371, a zc706, and MATLAB.

I have an ip address. I can ping the development board.

I'm able to run iio_oscilloscope from the host computer. No problems installing libiio.

In MATLAB, here's what I'm seeing:

>> help adi.ADRV9371.Rx
  adi.ADRV9371.Rx Receive data from the ADRV9371 evaluation platform
    The adi.ADRV9371.Rx System object is a signal source that can receive
    complex data from the ADRV9371.
    rx = adi.AD9371.Rx;
    rx = adi.AD9371.Rx('uri','');
    Product Page    
    See also adi.AD9371.Rx

    Documentation for adi.ADRV9371.Rx

>> rx = adi.ADRV9371.Rx('uri','ip:');
Error using adi.ADRV9371.Rx
Method 'releaseChanBuffers' in class 'adi.common.RxTx' uses different access permissions than its superclass
'matlabshared.libiio.base'. Set 'releaseChanBuffers' access list to match superclass access list.

I have installed the Transceiver Toolbox on MATLAB 2020b.

I have installed Communications Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio

The OS is Ubuntu 18.04

I'm following this page:

I'm doing something wrong or have missed a step?

Thank you,

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