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Analog devices Transceiver Toolbox v21.1.1 Version 21.1.1 QUESTIONS‏‏

Hi all,
we see your last update on GITHUB ( which discussed about the Transceiver Toolbox support update for matlab that you provide.
we have the following questions which we would thank you if you give us some answers to them:
1. Is the SDupdater support custom board (not zc706 or zcu102) for other custom boards which involve the 7z035+adrv9002 if it does how I use the SDudapter on Matlab?
2. furthermore, why you choose in the recent update of the toolbox to use only the tx1 and rx1 chains(which involve the adc_1_* dac_1_* interfaces) and "neglect" the tx2 and rx2 chain (which involve the adc_2_* dac_2_* interfaces)?
3. Are you Supporting also external mode / debug and tuning on matlab for the adrv9002 ?
with best regards.
Dror & Raz. (SDR TEAM)