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TransceiverToolbox: installation with Trial license of Communications Toolbox

I'd like to use MATLAB running on a Windows PC to control an ADI ADRV9371 connected to a Xilinx ZC706.
Since "IIO System Object" has been deprecated, I'd like to us its recommended replacement TransceiverToolbox.

I've downloaded AnalogDevicesTransceiverToolbox_v21.1.1.mltbx from the following.

But I get the following complaint from MATLAB (version R2020b):
"Incompatible toolbox" and "You are installing content that is not supported for this MATLAB release or for this platform".

Is this because I have a Trial license for the required Toolboxes Communications/Signal Processing/DSP System?

Do I need to purchase the full version for this installation to work?

Shaun Cummins