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Unable to Create buffer on ad9361 LTE10


I'm currently trying to connect from MATLAB on Windows to a Linux device using libiio. I'm running the examples presented in the analog devices wiki, more specifically the LTE Transmitter and Receiver Example.

The example works on the modes LTE1.4, LTE3 and LTE5 but when I try to run LTE10 the MATLAB program crashes with an error. In the error details it mentions something about iio_buffer_refill.

Meanwhile on Linux I get the following error on iiod Unable to create buffer when I run the MATLAB program.

I've used the ARRadio ad9361 with two different FPGAs: SoCKit with Cyclone 5 and also DE10-Standard with Cyclone 5 and I get the same error on both devices when operating on LTE10.

I'm using MATLAB 2017b.

So far I've tried the following:

  1. Switching to the MATLAB versions.
  2. Switching the libiio versions on both Windows and Linux.
  3. Running the and that came with the Linux distro (although the was done manually) as unable to create IIO buffer  #31 suggests.

What could be causing the error?

Thanks in advance!