Targeting from MATLAB with transceiver toolbox


I am trying to perform a targeting example using the Transceiver toolbox from MATLAB.

My task is to perform this on the ADRV9008-1 with ZC706

But before that, I thought it would better to try an example of the AD9361 + zc706

And only then to try it on the adrv9008-1, And if that's not possible, to register a new reference design for the card.

I have seen that it is also supported for streaming and targeting.


So as an initial task I wanted to do streaming.

And I would love to know of a relevant example that I can use in the R2020B version.

I already installed 

Because I realized that in this version a few things have changed.

And what are the steps for following the example?

What do I need to install?
What should be in the SD CARD?

Appreciate your support.

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