MATLAB Transceiver Toolbox v20.2.1 Issue in 2020b With Zynq Support Package 20.2.2

I am experiencing an error while attempting to transmit on a ADRV9009ZU11EG using the latest MATLAB Transceiver Toolbox v20.2.1 in 2020b. I am using the Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio Support Package version 20.2.2 and getting the following error:

Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/get.dataTypeBytes

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/checkBufferConfig

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/setupImpl

Error in adi.ADRV9009ZU11EG.Tx/setupImpl (line 176)

Error in ADRV9009ZU11EG_RxTxExample (line 34)

It is slightly difficult to interpret the MATLAB release notes for the Support Package but I am supposing that the 20.2.2 version is fairly recent given that most of their sites still refer to 20.2.1 as the version for 2020b.  Is the 20.2.1 version of the Support Package the compatible support package for the transceiver toolbox or is there some other issue here? And if the 20.2.1 version is the correct support package version, how do I downgrade to it given that MATLAB add-on manager only allows me to install 20.2.2?


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