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ADRV9002 sdr.tx() Pyadi-iio


I am trying to set up the ADRV9002 to transmit a complex array of FM modulated samples on channel 0 and then view the results on a PXA through demodulation of the signal out of the TX1_OUT RF SMA connector. Below is a simple script I got from the Pyadi-iio repo. 

sdr = adi.adrv9002(uri="ip:")
sdr.interface_gain_chan0 = "0dB"

sdr.tx_hardwaregain_chan0 = 0
sdr.tx_ensm_mode_chan0 = "rf_enabled"

sdr.tx_cyclic_buffer = True

fc = 1000000
N = 1024
ts = 1 / float(fs)
t = np.arange(0, N * ts, ts)
i = np.cos(2 * np.pi * t * fc)
q = np.sin(2 * np.pi * t * fc)
iq = i + 1j * q


Is this the correct set up for transmitting the samples out of the TX1_OUT sma port? 

I only seem to see the carrier tx0_lo signal on the PXA which is set by default to 2450 MHz but do not seem to be getting a modulated transmit signal when trying to use the FM demodulator on the PXA. 

Is there a way to read back what is being "transmitted" on the sdr.tx(). 


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