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IIO Oscilloscope plot channel display issue with multiple AD4020 devices

Hi there,

I've an FMC board with 4xAD4020 on it, connected to a Zedboard. There seems to be display issue with how the channels of each individual device are shown in the tree. I'd expect one voltage0 channel under each ad4020 node, but they all seem to be grouped under the first ad4020.   This is version 0.99, but I've also seen this the iio scope that ships with the current SD card image.

Also, it looks like if I want to save the data for all 4 channels using the 'Save As' feature, I can only do for a single device at a time, I can't enable the voltage0 checkbox for each of the 4 device in the dialog - only one seems to stay active.  Is there a way to save the data for all 4 devices from the GUI?

Thanks now

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