【AD9361】single RX channel and double RX channels

Hi all!

I'm doing some signal acquisition work with AD9361 and Z7C035 devoloment board.

I know AD9361 has double RX channels, when I tried to capture sinusoidal signal and observe the time domain image using signal RX channel, I found that there are lots of fluctuations in the signal, which look like the effect of noise. But if I plotted the time domain image with only the first 32 bits (one IQ pair) per 64bits, the signal would be smoother and more like a standard sinusoidal signal than before.

So my question is that if I capture the signal using single RX channel mode, the form of sampling data transmission is [I1,Q1,I1,Q1,I1,Q1,I1,Q1......] or [I1,Q1,I2,Q2,I1,Q1,I2,Q2......](In my condition I2 and Q2 may be noise) ?

That's very important for my future work. 

Thank you so much for any advice!