AD9361 Fast Lock recall function in no-os driver - Automatic Level Control


I am interested in using ad9361 to conduct frequency hopping for our application. Based on the ad9361  reference  manual, it stated that for fast hopping rate, it is recommended to use fast lock method. Upon trying the  fast lock functions, I stumbled across this function "ad9361_fastlock_recall()" which takes up a lot of  processing time. Inside this function, I  see notice this weird process. This process only occur if the new  value for FORCE  ALC  register is the  same for the  previous TX/RX FORCE ALC register value. Based on the comment, it stated that this is a  workaround  for locked process.

I tried looking into the  ad9361  register map documents, it also didn't  explained much. Is it possible to  explain what this FORCE ALC  register does, what this process is really doing and what  problem will it caused if I comment away this workaround process? Will it cause the LO synthesizer to be unable to lock at that frequency? I am trying  to cut down on the processing time used on this function  Please kindly get back to me.

The  project reference version  I am using is based on 2016_R1 branch.



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