Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy Analog front end

I’m an electronic master student from Belgium and I’m doing my master thesis in Switzerland at HEVS university. For my master thesis I’m working on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. With an FPGA I will create a sinewave (500Hz – 500kHz) that goes via an DAC to an impedance that has a range from Ohm to Mohm. I would like to send a current wave in the impedance and measure the voltage of the impedance via an ADC. For the moment I can use a board that has a DAC AD9707 and ADC AD9266. But the problem here is designing the analog front end. We, me and my professor are really struggling with the common mode voltage. Do you have maybe some information/ documentation/ circuit that can help us to get in the right direction?

I would really appreciate your help.