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Pluto+. An improved clone competitor?

Hi everyone

Excuse me if I ask a naive question. I have been googling to see where to buy an ADALM-PLUTO and I found users reviews pinpointing some minor shortcomings of the device and also I have found where it eas in the company of another similar product Pluto+ that seems to be more advanced (more expensive also) because it has a metallic case two TX and RX channels but the most interesting and important for me  and ethernet port and a potentiometer to increase clock stability and I wonder (here it comes the naive question) If I finally decide to buy the Pluto+ model (Unbranded GS100 model) because it has the same chip from you AD9363 (hacked version they say) Could I ask in this forum about the problems could I have with the unit? (naive I know) or should I wait till you decide to face this market challenge and make your own reply to this product? are you planning an improved model?