Filter design using Analog Device filter design tool

I used the analog devices filter design tool to design my band pass filter. Here is the schematic from the design tool: 

The Magnitude diagram on the online tool (bode plot) is the following:

However, when I make this circuit in LTSpice and simulate this is the following bode plot I get:

As can be seen, the passband does not have the same magnitude (gain); here is the circuit in LTSpice:

However, when I do the transient analysis, I get the proper gain (40dB) in the passband. Why is this happening? I have checked my circuit multiple times and it looks correct. I am lost as to why I am seeing this behavior

specified what the proper gain was for transient analysis
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    on Apr 2, 2021 1:00 AM in reply to alexconan

    Looks like you need to add back the 40dB due to your AC signal source amplitude of 0.01. (I had never used any value other than an amplitude of 1, but ran a quick simulation here with a value of 0.01, and indeed the result was down 40dB.)

    Are you using a source amplitude to prevent clipping? I believe the AC analysis assumes the circuit is operating linearly under any conditions. Try an amplitude of 1 and see what happens.