ALM1000 Ohmmeter, how to connect?

It is not clear to me how I should connct the ADALM1000 to a resistor to measure it. I have the ALM1000 Ohmmeter V Div 1.3 (14 Aug 2020) and the ADALM1000 Rev F.

I found the Ohmmeter-User-Guide ( and tried to follow it, but the version of the Ohmmeter for which the measurement and calibration are explained dates from 2015. Where the users-guide shows CA KOhms and CB KOhms, I only have KOhms.

Further down is a second Calibration section, that looks more like what I see on my Ohmmeter. It states: "The Test voltage is set to 5 V and the external R1 value is set to 1000 Ohms. The 2.000 KOhm resistance standard is connected as R2." But it does not say how to connect the ADALM1000 to R1 and R2!

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