Could you give me feedback on whether to buy ADALM1000 or ADALM2000 in terms firmware installation (ease of use) etc... Are there specific issues to look at?

I am a beginner in electronics and intend to learn from the basics like op-amps, transistors etc. So i was looking for a single device that would behave as an oscilloscope and function generator as well....


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 5, 2021 7:17 PM 1 month ago


    As a beginner are you looking to teach yourself or are you planning on attending a University at some point?

    If you will be attending University which personal instrumentation hardware you use will depend on the specific University.

    As a beginner looking to learn about electronics on your own I would recommend starting out with the ADALM1000 which is simpler to use and costs less ($37.50 vs $150 USD). Eventually as you gain experience and move to more advanced areas of interest in Electronics then adding the digital logic capabilities (and other things) of the ADALM2000 might be attractive.

    You mention firmware installation... Both ship with firmware pre-installed. If you are thinking about writing your own custom firmware ( like for an Arduino board ) then neither is easy and I would not go there as a beginner.


  • I am a working professional but not specialized in electronics or related discipline, hence i am teaching myself.

    In terms of hardware or software issues which model of ADALM would be worth buying though with high end versions i may not be using the capabilities extensively immediately...