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ADALM2000 - how to unmount the USB mass storage on MacOS and question on HoRNDIS


I just received the ADALM2000 and connected it to my Mac and installed Scopy.

1. The documentation appears to be quite sparse about the mass storage device that appears when connected. It is labelled as volume "M2k". What I was wondering was what I need to do to unmount the drive before disconnecting the device. If I follow the usual steps to unmount the drive, it will automatically mount itself after a couple of seconds. Can I just pull the plug and assume everything will be alright?

2. I am intending to use the device directly connected to my Mac and have no need to access it over a network so I have not installed HoRNDIS. But the documentation appears to be Pluto specific anyway. Is this correct? I take it then, that there is no other way to connect to the ADALM2000 with a TTY type terminal.