ADALM1000 stuck in Programming Mode

ADALM1000 Board (Date on box: 17 11 2015)

Computer: Lenovo T480

OS: Windows 10 Professional (64 bit) with latest updates installed at 29 Sep 2020

I installed PixelPulse v1.0.5 from:

Device Driver Installation Wizard reported that errors were found an that the installation failed. However, a WinUSB driver was installed and was reported to be working normally in Device Manager.

I started PixelPulse2 and it appeared to start normally but displayed no button for firmware update, but gave a message re ‘Failed to get the latest firmware version’ and reported an Internet connection problem, although all other Internet applications were operating normally.

I then attempted firmware update with BOSSA 1.9.1 using firmware file m1000.bin from:

- bridging the PCB links as described there.

On connecting the ADALM1000 to the USB port, the BOSSA port was detected and I used the utility to update and then verify the firmare using the m1000.bin file. BOSSA reported success in both cases.

I then remove the shorting link, reconnected the ADALM1000 and started PixelPulse2 again. However, it reported that the board was ‘In programming mode’ and Win10 Device Manager showed that the BOSSA port was still active but no USB port was found for the ADALM1000. Also, the LED on the underside of the board was no longer lighting.

So, at this stage the ADALM1000 is stuck in programming mode and I haven’t been able to get back to normal mode. I’ve checked for any remaining solder bridging on the programming link but it’s definitely open-circuit now.

Any advice would be appreciated.