ADALM2000 Network Analyzer Vertical plot scaling

I could not find a way to adjust the vertical axis on the Network Analyzer app itself. The Analyzer page seems quite out of date. Since it is now different than the web page that was no help. Is it possible to adjust the V scale and I am just missing it or is there no way to adjust (directly or indirectly) the vertical axis scaling? I'm measuring a simple RLC network with a Q greater than 6. This causes the gain to be greater than 3dB. The plot values are still available. You just can't see them as they get clipped in the plot.

Mark Allie

  • Hello,

    The vertical axis can be adjusted in Network analyzer in for both Magnitude an Phase plots.

    If you press the Settings Menu Button in the front panel you will see on the right side all the available settings. You may need to scroll down in the settings section to be able to see all of them. 

    Display settings allow you to set the minimum/maximum magnitude within the range of -120 dB to 120 dB. The minimum/maximum phase value can be set within the range -180 to 180 degrees. You can adjust these values before, during or after you click run. 



  • Thanks. In full screen that scroll bar is vewy vewy small. I missed that adjustment obviously. I have found that the network analyzer is not consistent if the Reference value isn't 10V. Have you seen this behavior?

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