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hellschreiber test..


I'm trying out my adaml-pluto device (ad9361) with a hell schreiber mode I wrote in python (//

I've created an I/Q file ( that I'm sending to the device and read it back.  Sadly, the quality is too poor (see images @left: send ; @right: received).  

Can anybody help me to improve the quality, please?  Anything I'm doing wrong?

The libiio commands I'm using to read and receive IQ file ( and to/from the plutoSDR device:

iio_attr -a -c ad9361-phy TX_LO frequency 1000000000
iio_attr -a -c ad9361-phy RX_LO frequency 1000000000
iio_attr -a -c -o ad9361-phy voltage0 sampling_frequency 4000000
iio_attr -a -c -o ad9361-phy voltage0 rf_bandwidth 5000000
iio_attr -a -c -o ad9361-phy voltage0 gain_control_mode 'fast_attack'
iio_attr -a -c -o ad9361-phy
cat| iio_writedev -u ip: -c cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc &
iio_readdev -u ip: -s 409600 cf-ad9361-lpc | pv >

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