PLUTO SDR - Options for continuously IQ USB streaming


In the last month i've read some of the PLUTO-sdr documentation and came up with a few questions.

I am a hobbyist, I am trying to build some basic communication modems and some radar applications (probably bistatic), in doing so the following question arose:

1. continuous IQ streaming - 

Is there a way of continuously IQ streaming using the given simple MATLAB API?

2.lib-iio VS FPGA design

Failing to continuously stream IQ data using the given API I'm thinking of getting more into lib-iio, (I am electrical engeneer but with no embedded systems experience) is my following understanding is right?

a. lib-iio is running over the linux core installed on the ARM-A9  

b. writing an application using the lib-iio is easier over C compiler (rather than matlab)

c. it is possible to continuously stream IQ data over USB using the lib-iio

FPGA design VS ARM-A9 design

a. what is the incentive in programming directly the FPGA over controlling it using the ARM-A9? is it only good for ad-hok application using the real-time advantages of FPGA?

Thank You!

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