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Scopy Voltmeter Error

I noticed the Scopy Voltmeter app does not correctly indicate the DC voltage on a measured signal when there is both AC and DC present. In particular I'm using Scopy on a Windows machine with an M2K connected.

When The M2K source is supplying say 2VDC and 6Vpp 1KHz sine wave the voltmeter gives the correct AC but the DC values you get seems purely random. This happens on CH1 and CH2. This occurs whether or not Peak Hold is active.

I asked about this on July 8th and got no reply's. Can someone from Analog Devices answer this?

Another thing I asked about before was putting text on the scope screen so I can capture the screen with a word or 2 I placed on the screen. We use this feature all the time with say LTSpice but I haven't seen a simple or difficult way to do this in Scopy.

Any response even 'I don't know' would be appreciated.

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