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Setting VDMOS parameters for desired behavior

Dear community,

I have some difficulties in correctly understanding and using the VDMOS model in order to correctly set the rise and fall time, as well as the thermal properties via the parameters.

The following parameters are given for my desired simple model: Fall time, rise time, RDS(on), UF0 (inverse diode forward voltage), Rb (diode resistance) and thermal semiconductor resistance. How can I set these specified values ​​via the parameters of the VDMOS? For example, I know that the rise and fall times are functions of the input and output capacities, but I don't know how to parameterize the capacities in order to achieve the desired behavior (roughly).

Furthermore, I am not sure how I can connect the SOAtherm-HeatSink model to my VDMOS in order to determine the semiconductor temperature. I don't have the SOAtherm-NMOS model in my LTspice version.

If you could help me with these problems, I would be very grateful to you!

Best Regards