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October StudentZone Quiz Solution

Follow the link to the Filter Wizard to answer the questions


Design a two-stage low-pass Butterworth filter with the following specifications with a cut-off frequency of 1 MHz, stop band of 3 MHz and a gain of 0 dB. Optimize your design for Low noise and +/-5V supply. Use the default component tolerance and the amplifiers recommended by the tool.

What is the total quiescent power of the filter?


The power view option in the Analog Filter Wizard design tool gives you the total quiescent power which is 94.5mW. (See also the figure attached)




Design a two stage low-pass 4th order Chebyshev filter with a passband ripple of 0.08 dB and 4th order Butterworth filter with same specifications to compare them. Which filter has the narrow transition band?


Chebyshev filter has the smaller transition region when compared to the same order Butterworth filter with more ripples.