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November StudentZone Quiz Solution

Quiz 1:

What is the difference between Full Power Bandwidth and Sample Bandwidth?


Full-power bandwidth is the bandwidth that the converter needs to acquire signals accurately and for the internal frontend to settle properly.

Sample Bandwidth is the bandwidth that the user/designer/engineer can “use” within the converter’s boundaries and achieve repeatable AC performance.


Quiz 2:

Is a certain amount of time important for a converter to accurately represent a signal that it is acquiring within its bandwidth?


Yes, it takes a certain number of time constants to achieve an accurate representation of the sampled signal which is based on the resolutions (bits) of the converter. The more bits the converter has the more time & time constants are required.


Quiz 3:

What is the difference between a Baseband and a Wideband design?


Baseband designs require a bandwidth from DC (or the low kHz or MHz region) to Nyquist of the converter. A wideband design usually refers to those designs that need it all. As much bandwidth as the converter will supply.