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February StudentZone Quiz Solution


Construct the circuit of figure 1. Using the Volt Meter Tool, accurately measure Vout for the three input voltages (using the ALM1000 fixed power supply voltages) as shown in the table below. You should measure and record the actual fixed power supply voltages as well.


Vout (volts)

A (no units)





Measure and record the voltage across the 4.7 KΩ. resistor.


  1. Calculate the value of A in each case using equation Vout=A*Vin.
  2. Plot a graph with Vin on x-axis and Vout on y-axis.
  3. Is the graph obtained a straight line? Compute the slope of the graph at any point and compare it to the value of K obtained from the measurements. Explain any differences.

Feel free to post your approach here so we could discuss.


For your reference see the Analog Dialogue Student Zone articles explaining the Source Measurement Unit (SMU) ADALM1000.

What is a Source Measurement Unit or SMU?