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April StudentZone Quiz Solution

Question 1:

Calculate the time constant (τ) using equation (1) (R= 2.2KOhm, C=0.01uF) and compare it to the measured values.

Repeat this for other set of R and C values (R = 10 KΩ and C = 0.01 µF).




The time constant, τ is found using the formula:

 τ = R x C

and the measurement unit of the result will be in seconds.

Thus, applying the above formula for the given values of R and C, we obtain:

τ = R x C = 2.2KΩ x 1 µF = 0.0022s = 2.2ms

Now measure the time interval on the horizontal axis of the plot from the point where the capacitor starts charging (0.5V) to the point where the capacitor is charged with 63% (corresponding to 1τ) of the peak-to-peak applied input voltage (4V). The obtained voltage interval corresponding to one time constant will be from 0.5V to 3.02V (= 0.5V+ 0.63 * 4.0V).

Repeat the time constant measurement and computation for R = 10 KΩ and C = 0.01 µF.

Is the computed value corresponding to the measured value? Hopefully – yes