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May StudentZone Quiz Solution

Question 1:

Include plots of IL and VR for different tp values: 2τ ,5τ, 10τ.


Before including the plots we need to compute the proper frequency of the input signal.

Therefore, considering the input values L = 20mH and R = 200Ω we compute the time constant τ.



Note that tp represent only half of the input signal period. In order to obtain the frequency of the square wave we use the following equation:

Using the computed frequency for the input signal, we obtain the following plot corresponding to tp = 2τ.

Figure 1. Plot example for tp = 2τ

Using the same procedure we compute the frequency for:

tp = 5τ

Figure 2. Plot example for tp = 5τ


Figure 3. Plot example for tp = 10τ


Question 2:

A Capacitor stores energy. What do you think an Inductor stores? Answer in brief.


Capacitors impede the current in a circuit and stores energy using an electrical field in order to preserve the voltage in the circuit.

Inductors impede changes in the current and stores energy in a magnetic field, which preserves current across the circuit.