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October 2023 StudentZone Quiz Solution

Product Number: AD22100, AD592, ADALM2000

What are the differences between the operation of AD22100 voltage ouptut temperature sensor and the AD592 current output temperature sensor?

Answer 1:

  • The AD22100 is a voltage output temperature sensor, which means it generates an analog voltage proportional to the temperature being measured, while The AD592 is a current output temperature sensor, meaning it generates a current signal proportional to the temperature being measured.
  • The AD22100 uses a proprietary band gap technology to measure temperature, while the AD592 employs the principle of proportional-to-absolute-temperature (PTAT) current generation to measure temperature.
  • The AD22100 is designed to operate over a specified temperature range, typically from -40°C to +150°C, while the AD592 is typically designed to operate over a specific temperature range, such as -25°C to +105°C.