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November 2021 StudentZone Quiz Solution


For the circuits in Figure 5 (Pull output stage with zero-crossing distortion elimination) and Figure 8 (Emitter Follower zero-crossing distortion elimination) simulate and plot the input/output transfer curve. How do they compare to the circuit in figure 1?


 In order to emphasize the difference between the 3 circuits with respect to the voltage transfer curve, we will start by simulating and plotting the curve for the simple Push-Pull Output Stage (Figure 1 from the activity)

The X-Y plot, similar to the experimental one from the lab activity, contains a dead zone, where transistors are off.

For the other two circuits (Push - Pull output stage with zero-crossing distortion elimination and Emitter Follower zero-crossing distortion elimination Breadboard Circuit) the amount of distortion at zero-crossings is reduced considerably.