EVAL AD2425 WBZ - Project

Dear EZ-Community,

i couldn't find a thread addressing this EVAL-Bord, and more specific my project. Curently I got an A2B Analyzer by Mentor Automotive and two EVAL-AD2425WBZ boards at my desk. The A2B Analyzer should feed Audio files into the system, whereby the two EVAL boards are connected in daisychain to the Analyzer. This works more or less up to now, but I use the Mentor software "A2B Analyzer Application" for that task. For the next step I think it is necessary to describe the system in a software like SigmaStudio. I want to connect an amplifier evaluation board (from Texas Instruments) over I2S interface to one of the AD2425 boards. I think the setup is possible in general, but I fear the A2B Analyzer Application software is too restricting and up to now I don't know how to realize it. I do not have experience with SigmaStudio yet, but it seems like it is possible to describe the desired system setup with the software.
Unfortunately in data sheets and so on of the SigmaStudio software the AD2425 isn't supported, is this correct? Is there any workaround? Why would it be excluded (hardware is fairly new)?

If you have any ideas on the setup or the used software, please let me know. Thanks for your help and have a nice day!

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  • You can use the A2B Analyzer Application to develop configurations for arbitrary A2B network typologies. SigmaStudio is another option but not the only tool that can produce A2B network configurations.  Specifically, within the A2B Analyzer Application there is a "Network Builder" component that can assist you in defining the A2B nodes, audio streams, and connection matrix you wish to implement. Likely, you may be able to modify your existing configuration to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of the TI amplifier board. Please see https://communities.mentor.com/community/a2b-solutions for additional support for the A2B Analyzer Application.